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GE可編程控制器( Versamax系列PLC)

IC200CPU001 CPU 34K user configurable user memory, 1.80MSEC/K Boolean one RS232 and one RS485 serial ports
IC200CPU002 CPU 42K user configurable user memory, 1.80MSEC/K Boolean one RS232 and one RS485 serial ports
IC200CPU005 CPU 128K user configurable user memory, 0.8MSEC/K Boolean one RS232 and one RS485 serial ports
IC200CPUE05 CPU 128K user configurable user memory, 0.8MSEC/K Boolean one RS232, one RS485 serial ports and Ethernet port 10Mbit base T.
IC200CPUE05CA Conformal coated CPU with built-in Ethernet 10Mbits, one RS 232 and one RS 485 port.
IC200MDL140 Input 120VAC (1 group of 8) 8 point.
IC200MDL141 Input 240VAC, 8 Points Module
IC200MDL143 Input 120VAC 8 Point Isolated
IC200MDL143CA IN 120VAC ISOLATED 8 PT Conf Coated
IC200MDL144 Input 240VAC 4 Point Isolated Module
IC200MDL240 Input 120VAC, 16 Points
IC200MDL241 Input 240VAC, 16 Points
IC200MDL243 Input 120VAC 16 Point Isolated Module
IC200MDL244 Input 240VAC 8 Point Isolated Module
IC200MDL631 Input 125VDC Positive/Negative Logic 8 Point Isolated Module
IC200MDL632 Input 125VDC Positive/Negative Logic 16 Point Isolated Module
IC200MDL635 Input 48VDC Positive/Negative Logic (2 Groups of 8) 16 Point Module
IC200MDL636 Input 48VDC Positive/Negative Logic (4 Groups of 8) 32 Point Module
IC200MDL640 Input 24VDC Positive Logic, 16 Points
IC200MDL643 Input 5/12VDC (TTL) Positive/Negative Logic (2 Groups of 8) 16 Point Module
IC200MDL644 Input 5/12VDC (TTL) Positive/Negative Logic (4 Groups of 8) 32 Point Module
IC200MDL650 Input 24VDC Positive Logic, 32 Points
IC200MDL650CA Conformal coated. Input 24VDC POS/NEG logic (4 groups of 8) 32 points
IC200MDL329 Output 120VAC 0.5A per Point Isolated 8 Point Module
IC200MDL330 Output 120VAC 0.5A per Point Isolated 16 Point Module
IC200MDL331 Output 120VAC 2.0A per Point Isolated 8 Point Module
IC200MDL730 Output 24VDC Positive Logic 2.0A per Point (1 Group of 8) w/ESCP 8 Point Module
IC200MDL740 Output 12/24VDC Positive Logic 0.5A per Point (1 Group of 16) 16 Point Module
IC200MDL741 Output 24VDC Positive Logic 0.5A per Point (1 Group of 16) w/ESCP 16 Point Module
IC200MDL742 Output 24VDC Positive Logic 0.5A per Point (2 Groups of 16) w/ESCP 32 Point Module
IC200MDL743 Output 5/12/24VDC Negative Logic 0.5A per Point (1 Group of 16) 16 Point Module
IC200MDL744 Output 5/12/24VDC Negative Logic 0.5A per Point (2 Groups of 16) 32 Point Module
IC200MDL750 Output 12/24VDC Positive Logic 0.5A per Point (2 Groups of 16) 32 Point Module
IC200MDL750CA Conformal Coated Output 12/24VDC POS LOGIC 0.5A per point (2 groups of 16) 32 points
IC200MDL930 Output Relay 2.0 Amp, Isolated Form A 8 Points
IC200MDL940 Output Relay 2.0 Amp, Isolated Form A 16 Points
IC200MDD840 Mixed 24VDC Pos Log Input 20 Points / Output Relay 2.0 Amp 12 Points
IC200MDD841 Mixed 24VDC Pos Log Input 20 Points / Output 24VDC 0.5 Amp 12 Points / High Speed Counter, PWM or Pulse Train Configurable Points
IC200MDD841CA Conformal coated mixed 24VDC POS LOG input group 20 point / output 24VDC output 12 point. Supports high speed counter/PWM/PT
IC200MDD842 Mixed 24VDC Pos Log Input 16 Points / Output 24VDC 0.5 Amp with Electronic Short Circuit Protection 16 Points
IC200MDD843 Mixed 24VDC Pos Log Input 10 Points / Output Relay 6 Points
IC200MDD844 Mixed 24VDC Pos Log Input 16 Points / Output 24VDC 0.5 Amp 16 Points
IC200MDD844CA Conformal Coated MIX 24VDC OUT .5A/IN 16/16PT
IC200MDD845 Mixed 24VDC Pos Log Input 16 Points / Output Relay 2.0 Amp Iso 8 Points
IC200MDD846 Mixed 120VAC Input 8 Points / Output Relay 2.0 Amp Isolated 8 Points
IC200MDD847 Mixed 240VAC Input 8 Points / Output Relay 2.0 Amp Isolated 8 Points
IC200MDD848 Mixed 120VAC Input 8 Points / Output 120VAC 0.5 Amp Isolated 8 Points
IC200MDD849 Mixed 120VAC Input Isolated 8 Point / Output Relay 2.0A per Point Isolated 8 Point Module
IC200MDD850 Mixed 240VAC Input Isolated 4 Point /Output Relay 2.0A per Point Isolated 8 Point Module
IC200ALG230 Analog Input 12 Bit Voltage/Current, 4 Channels
IC200ALG240 Analog Input Module, 16 Bit Voltage/Current, 1500VAC Isolation, 8 Channels
IC200ALG260 Analog Input 12 Bit Voltage/Current, 8 Channels
IC200ALG620 Analog Input 16 Bit RTD, 4 Channels
IC200ALG630 Analog Input 16 Bit Thermocouple, 7 Channels
IC200ALG320 Analog Output 12 Bit Current, 4 Channels
IC200ALG321 Analog Output 12 Bit 0-10V Voltage, 4 Channels
IC200ALG322 Analog Output 12 Bit +/-10V Voltage, 4 Channels
IC200ALG430 Analog Mixed 12 Bit Input Current 4 Channels / Output Current 2 Channels
IC200ALG431 Analog Mixed 12 Bit 0-10V Input 4 Channels / Output 0-10V 2 Channels
IC200ALG432 Analog Mixed Module, 12 Bit -10 to +10VDC Input 4 Channels / Output -10 to +10VDC 2 Channels
IC200CHS001 I/O Carrier, Barrier Style, Field Wiring Interface
IC200CHS002 I/O Carrier, Box Style, Field Wiring Interface
IC200CHS003 I/O Carrier Connector Style, Field Wiring Interface (Requires One Cable)
IC200CHS005 I/O Carrier, Spring Clamp Style, Field Wiring Interface
IC200CHS006 Communications Carrier (Genius, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP)
IC200CHS011 I/O Interposing Terminals, Barrier Style, Field Wiring Interface (Requires One Cable and One IC200CHS003)
IC200CHS012 I/O Interposing Terminals, Box Style, Field Wiring Interface (Requires One Cable and One IC200CHS003)
IC200CHS014 I/O Interposing Terminals, Box Style Thermocouple Compensation, Field Wiring Interface (Requires One Cable and One IC200CHS003)
IC200CHS015 I/O Interposing Terminals, Spring Clamp Style, Field Wiring Interface (Requires One Cable and One IC200CHS003)
IC200CHS022 Compact Box-Style I/O Carrier
IC200CHS025 Compact Spring-Style I/O Carrier
IC200TBM001 I/O Auxiliary Terminals, Barrier Style , Field Wiring Interface (Required For 2, 3 and 4 Wire Connections)
IC200TBM002 I/O Auxiliary Terminals, Box Style , Field Wiring Interface (Required For 2, 3 and 4 Wire Connections)
IC200TBM005 I/O Auxiliary Terminals, Spring Clamp Style , Field Wiring Interface (Required For 2, 3 and 4 Wire Connections)
IC200ETM001 Expansion Transmitter Module
IC200ERM001 Expansion Receiver Module, Isolated
IC200ERM002 Expansion Receiver Module, Non-isolated
IC200GBI001 I/O Network Interface For Genius Bus (Slave)
IC200PBI001 I/O Network Interface For Profibus-DP (Slave)
IC200DBI001 I/O Network Interface For DeviceNet (Slave)
IC200BEM002 PLC Network Communication Profibus-DP Slave
IC200PWB001 Power Supply Booster Carrier
IC200PWR001 Power Supply 24VDC Input
IC200PWR002 Power Supply with Expanded 3.3VDC 24VDC Input
IC200PWR101 Power Supply 120/240VAC Input
IC200PWR102 Power Supply with Expanded 3.3VDC 120/240VAC Input
IC200PWR201 12VDC Power Supply
IC200PWR202 12VDC Expanded 3.3 V Power Supply
IC200CBL001 Cable, CPU Programming RS-232
IC200CBL002 Cable, Expansion Firmware Upgrade
IC200CBL105 Cable, I/O Non-Shielded 2 Connectors .5m
IC200CBL110 Cable, I/O Non-Shielded 2 Connectors 1.0m
IC200CBL120 Cable, I/O Non-Shielded 2 Connectors 2.0m
IC200CBL230 Cable, I/O Non-Shielded 1 Connector 3.0m
IC200ACC301 I/O Filler
IC200ACC302 I/O Input Simulator
IC200ACC303 I/O Shorting Bar Qty 2
IC200ACC304 I/O Cable Connector Kit Qty 2
IC641VPS300 VersaPro - Windows Programming Software for Series 90-30 and VersaMax PLC
IC641VPH300 VersaPro with Cable - Windows Programming Software for Series 90-30 and VersaMax PLC with SNP Mini-Convertor and Cable
IC641VPS700 VersaPro - Windows Programming Software for Series 90-70 and VersaMax PLC
IC641VPH700 VersaPro with Cable - Windows Programming Software for Series 90-70 and VersaMax PLC with SNP Mini-Convertor and Cable




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